Wesley Morgan

Wesley Morgan

Lititz, PA, US


Basement Completion

      This was my first large scale Self Employed job (In charge of getting permits, and finding a sub contractor for the carpeting). As architect of the job, I was responsible for implementing an office space, family room, large storage closet, and pantry/storage area into the layout. It was my first experience with working on an unfinished basement. There were many obstacles that had to be worked around (Furnace, water heater, plumbing and gas lines, as well as structural columns and the integration of a scapewell opening that I would later cut into the foundation). I was able to layout the basement so there was separation between the office and family room, and yet carry the light from the scapewell opening to bring natural light into both rooms. The integration of this element which I had learned the importance of in Architecture school, really brought life to both spaces.

      As the contractor of the job, I did all of the following: Rough Framing, Drywalling, HVAC, Electrical (short of hooking it to breaker box), Finishing Drywall, Painting, Trim Work


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Status: Built
Location: Mechanicsburg, PA, US