Krisztina Jozsef LEED AP, Associate AIA

Krisztina Jozsef LEED AP, Associate AIA

San Francisco, CA, US



Dive Bar
Los Angeles, CA
Prof. Roger Sherman
UCLA Winter 2011
Advanced Topics Studio: 'Sleightly' Literal Arts
Rhino, V-ray, AdobeCS

An experimental performative venue on the Sunset Strip, the Dive Bar is informal and flexible, as opposed to the structured performance environments in the vicinity. The Dive Bar is a bar, dance club, performance space in the void of an empty Olympic sized pool, to echo the abandoned pool skating culture of Los Angeles. The activities within the pool are visible from the street, as the void follows the natural grade of the site, balancing the intrigue of easy visual access with anonymity and exclusiveness of a nightclub. The interior of the pool is unobstructed, and is covered by a translucent lightweight acrylic glass with a constant and thin down flow of water, giving the initial appearance of a 'real' pool, with people literally underwater. This sleight of hand will first confuse then amuse. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US