Krisztina Jozsef LEED AP, Associate AIA

Krisztina Jozsef LEED AP, Associate AIA

San Francisco, CA, US


30 Seconds_of Awesome

30 Seconds of Awesome
Westwood, CA
Prof. Mark Mack
UCLA Spring 2010
Advanced Topics Studio: Urban Activism
Rhino, AdobeCS, Facebook
For 35 seconds every 55 seconds, all vehicular traffic comes to a halt where Westwood Blvd. meets Le Conte Ave. and pedestrians have free reign of the intersection. The participating pedestrians engaged with the public landscape available creating an Urban Active environment. By physically reclaiming the public space in an unconventional way, the participants gave new life and action to the existing urban infrastructure. The event had an atmosphere of controlled chaos with activities that created a negative space and sense of anticipation in the time the pedestrians waited for the vehicles and for it to once again be their turn for Awesomeness.
Photo Credit: Mini Chu, Elizabeth Case

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US