Marco Bernardini

Marco Bernardini

La Spezia, IT


AGe House

The house is obtained by using the height difference between the terraces, its volume is placed in the section of the hill, partially creating a hypogeum structure.Therefore, the roof acquires the profile of a terrace, creating a natural, green cover for the house.The green cover improves the housing microclimate, reducing energy costs and regulating rainwater storage.Adapting to the surrounding environment, the house represents an example of bioclimatic architecture, a living model which satisfies comfort standards thought the passive control of microclimate, reducing the utilisation of heating systems and enhancing the efficiency of the exchanges between house and environment. Taking advantage of the position and the materials, the new house obtains a high living comfort with a minimum utilisation of resources. The dry stone wall goes into the building, becoming the spine of the new construction; hence the house blends into the environment using the same materials of the surrounding environment

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: La Spezia, IT