Jeff Goldberger

Jeff Goldberger

New York, NY, US


T.a. Store

Telsha Anderson, a young and engaging digital influencer and social media maven came to us with a small empty space in NYC’s Meat-Packing District, the city’s latest fashion destination.

Her concept store was to have a mixture of carefully curated clothing, bags, magazines, jewelry, and miscellaneous design items. She also wanted a communal feeling, and a space where small groups could gather and chat.

The store has four zones defined by intersecting curves to create a receptive welcoming entrance, two transition areas, and a larger homey area behind. In the far corner is a tall changing cylindrical room. Because the shelves define the spaces, visually, they are all connected, making the store feel larger, and drawing the consumer through it when they catch a glimpse of what lies further in.

Our approach to display the variety of items was to provide adjustable shelving everywhere, so they would be spread around the store, complementing each other. Telsha filled the shelves and wall spaces with an array of fun and meaningful posters, photos, and knick-knacks that enliven the space. The walls are painted to fade from a deep blue-green near the floor to a warmer sunburnt color at the top to enliven the walls without glaring lights typical of many stores.

To keep costs low, we worked closely with a metal fabricator and millworker in Vermont to create the steel frames and wood shelves that structure the store.

Featured in i-D, Architectural Digest’s Clever, Forbes, Coveteur

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Florian Oberhuber, Penporn Teerasukprasarn