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joongsik yang

Los Angeles, CA, US


Proliferation-San Francisco Bus Terminal

Instructor : Tom Wiscombe

Spring Studio, SCI-Arc 2009

Energy independent Infra-Structure
Performative Morphologies for San Francisco Transit Hubs

Transit Hub for San Frrancisco
When we start this project, we looking for a sort of new type of transit hub.
Even though usually the bus terminal have complicated flows of transportation and pedestrians, we thought that the
conventional bus terminal doesn’t have that kind of images. And we imagined kind of centralized system which
support the bay area surrouding the waiting zone.
Thus we tried to find a sort of geometry which is centralized and having the flows with the scriping practice. During the
practicing, we found some kind of diagram which is showing the proliferation of cells. We thought the proliferation of
cell is much similar with our images of system, and we thought that this kind of geometry can be a form which absorb
and spread out the flows between terminal and urban area.
And secondly, we applied an sustainable technology, ‘algea technology’ which produce biofuels and oxygen by
proliferation of algea.

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US