Kirstie Kodatsky

Kirstie Kodatsky

Los Angeles, CA, US


Commercial Thesis

Commercial Thesis:  We were required to design a hotel with a specific performance space using CAD and a 3D modeling program.  Below is a description of the hotel.

Hue, a Boutique Hotel, located in Thailand, focuses on color pyschology and placing each guest in a room specific to their season, which will help evoke certain characteristics and personality traits. The secluded and serene location will allow one to escape from reality and relax in a spa environment surrounded by exotic wildlife. The performance space will be used on a regular basis for yoga classes and spiritual martial arts performances. The design will incorporate colors associated with each season as well as nature as exotic plants and animals will be in the interior of the space. The focus of the hotel is the spa and outside terrace dining area.

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Status: Built
Location: C:\Users\Kirstie\Pictures\Portfolio Pictures\Commercial Thesis