Lawrence Lazarides

Lawrence Lazarides

Washington, DC, US


Reception + Reinterpretation

This project is the result of a semester of exploration and experimentation attempting to understand,
exploit and order various data and information flows. These flows, embedded in both
competitive and cooperative systems, comprise the multi-faceted perception of an increasingly
transparent, data-driven society. The proposed scenario considers various bodies of numerical
data, respective temporal qualities, and their enumerative relationships. Through a rigorous
process of analysis, a new system was devised whose primary purpose was to spatially display
the interactive results of fluid and stagnant data sets operating within the same environment.
A trajectory was essentially defined, along which fluid data sets would travel and impact the
arrangement of adjacent bodies. Through this method, the data is ultimately neutralized, reorganized
and reinterpreted to generate an environment that is, at its core, embedded with the
original information and relationships, but maintains the capacity to be perceived on purely
phenomenal terms.

Considering the unpredictable nature of many fluid and stagnant bodies of data, the possibilities
of sudden peaks [disruptions] were embraced to ultimately translate architecturally into spatial
or experiential moments along the user’s trajectory of movement. Literally, this exploration
resulted in a multi-layered form [structure, information, and imagery] that functions as both
interior/exterior envelope. At various peaks, the surface may intersect or overlap within itself to
allow for the invasion of various perceptual moments.

The public at both High Line and street level is given the opportunity to access and experience
the impacts and flow of live data sets as they operate both globally and locally, constantly
changing the experiential qualities of the site through the use of relevant imagery, lighting, data
displays, and their shifting moments of overlap. In this way, the project may then be seen first as
a purveyor of information and then potentially as an instigator for social, political, or ecological
concern, discussion, action, etc.

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Status: School Project
Location: Highline, NYC