Ryan Knock

Ryan Knock

San Francisco, CA, US


Midcentury Minimal Studio

The goal of this project was to take an outdated, one bedroom corner unit apartment in the Eichler Summit High Rise in San Francisco, and make it entirely open to the view, visibly and physically, while employing a minimalist aesthetic layered onto the modern core of the structure. The one bedroom layout was quickly transformed to a studio to accomplish the full openness of every space to views to the north and/or east. New sliding corner windows, with ultra clear low iron glazing,  further open the entire space to uninterrupted views of the San Francisco Bay and Downtown.  The core of the apartment is the storage “cube”, which is a hub for several different programatic elements, including clothing storage, a smart home av control hub, and also the television. The cube becomes both a functional unit as well as a privacy element that shields the dressing area and bathroom from the living areas of the apartment. This unique element is clad in fumed eucalyptus wood panels and serves as a dramatic counterpoint to the view and the light elements of the other spaces. The wood cladding follows through the other circulation and storage areas, and as accents for art, and then as counterpoints for the minimal white stone and wall panels employed through the kitchen and bathroom spaces. These spaces in their entirety were treated with a completely minimal aesthetic, as a series of panels and concealed storage behind them, including bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, fold down desks, a slide up television cover, and dressing area storage. Exceptional attention to detail was taken so all the doors disappear as paneled walls when closed, utilizing all flush sliding and swing door hardware. A minimal but natural palette was employed, and composed of cement flooring, fumed eucalyptus panels, and pure white panels and stonework.

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
My Role: Principal/Designer
Additional Credits: photos: cesar rubio. interior furnishings: odada.