Ndemina Abbiyesuku

Ndemina Abbiyesuku

San Francisco, CA, US

Vertical Farm Project_vignette art.
Vertical Farm Project_vignette art.

Site analysis and Vertical Farm project.

Study and mapping of the elements of sound and vegetation emerges a form that was achieved
through an application of the fibionacci sequence. A form that reacts to these conditions.

Places of sound concentration serve as open courtyards. Courtyards treated with vegetation and materiallity
that bring the experience of the outdoor, indoors, in a romantic way. Roof gardens run in bands that lead to the vertical farm structure. The vertical farm opens with slivers reminiscent of the formal language of ‘reflection’ and the crops grown are organized according to plant sun requirements according to the time of the day and y e a r . 

The vertical farm also tends to lean on the old train station building, creating a visual tension that serves the visitor centre as a tourist a t t r a c t i o n .

"Keep a healthy mind in a healthy body."

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Status: School Project
Location: West Oakland, CA, US