Kelly Speckhart

Kelly Speckhart

Liberty, IL, US

Master Site Plan
Master Site Plan


Problem: The continuous development of cramped, socially irresponsible, ecologically damaging, unhealthly suburban neighborhoods.

Solution: to truly incorporate sustainable practices, where the systems, materials, and land use methods are not detriments to future generations health, a place of active streets, neighborly interaction, conscious planning and organization, healthy lifestyles of eating and exercising, and continuous education.

To have a common collective goal in order to sustain a way of life that does not impede future generations. In order for a community of this type to exist and function, a strong foundation along with a collective effort is needed amongst members and residents. The EcoCenter provides a place for continuous education and is the heart of social and cultural activity. EcoVillage is based on a master plan that can be used as a model for other communities trying to incorporate sustainable practices.

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Status: School Project
Location: Quincy, IL, US