Malgorzata Bedra

Malgorzata Bedra

Gdansk, PL



  In the middle of the Afsluitdijk lies the island of Breezanddijk: no land in sight, surrounded by salt and sweet water. By the Wadden Sea and Lake IJssel. This island, subject to sea, wind and sun, is proposed location for the World Sustainability Center (WSC). Here, issues pertaining
to sustainability can be researched, experienced and communicated.

  These activities will not only take place in the exhibition building, but on the island as a whole. To this end, the island will be renovated: interventions will be made and facilities created to offer insight into, for instance, the possibilities for the generation
of tidal energy and the cultivation of seaweed. As a result, ‘being outdoors’, ‘experiencing the elements’, ‘feeling the sea breeze’ and seeing birds and others animals in their natural habitat all, inextricably, become part of the sustainability centre.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Afsluitdijk, NL