Henry Miller

Henry Miller

Brooklyn, NY, US


New Brookyln Dodgers Stadium

An element of the larger South Brooklyn 2030 project.  Who doesn't want the Dodgers to move back to Brooklyn?

The stadium recreates the interior silhouette of Ebbetts Field while resolving on the exterior in regular circles.  The idea being that nostalgia for the idiosyncratic evolves toward idealization over time.  The return of the Dodgers is a dream-like culmination of the borough's rebirth, one where the complex and interrelated forces of gentrification and economic growth are in tension.

Massive structural bents carry the stands, terminating in a stainless steel extend-mesh screen.  This mesh, when illuminated during night games, rises like a glowing mass over the strict masonry base which recalls the geometry of the two circular fort which frame the approach to the city.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: The Future