Dongwon Yoon

Dongwon Yoon

Los Angeles, CA, US


Padua Hills Art Museum

Since the 1930's, Claremont has been the home to a large number of highly accomplished visual artists. Some haved lived at Padua Hills, and all have been influenced by the beauty and character of the area. Three MacArthur Grants have been awarded to Claremont area visual artists. A 17,000 s.f. art museum is beeing proposed which would serve to preserve this legacy as well as to serve an educational role in nurturing its further development.

The concept of this project is to create an art museum which has its own image and character. At the same time, providing visitors an unique experience of Padua Hills. The museum took the adavntage of the site to create more dyanmic circulation and environment. The main entry and the exhibition galleries are connected with a bridge which takes visitors to engage in the view of nature and art. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Claremont, CA, US