Joanne Steffens

Joanne Steffens

Los Angeles, CA, US




Interruption:  To break the uniformity or continuity

The original concept was to manifest an interruption. It was determined that the interruption would occur in between the firm and the residences, dividing their very polar programmatic responsibilities. As a catalyst to the interruption a boundary was designed.  Boundary: “Area Rule: rather than follow the strict linearity of the given system and string together a series of isolated, discrete architectural objects, we have developed the interventions on the basis of existing property lines, articulated surfaces, and contiguous areas.  Surfaces fold up and form structure, blurring the strict division of architecture and landscape” (Columbia, 12).  In order to define the boundary as a literal-tangible space a natural landscape was instilled within the threshold.  The landscape creates a void.  The void is what differentiates this system based upon interruption from  the typical system recognized as a mixed-use building.

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Status: School Project