Marc Guittap

Marc Guittap

Sylmar, CA, US


Growing Duplex

Located in Venice, California the home is designed for two families with the flexibility of expansion in the later years as well as stimulating financial growth for the original homeowners.  As the children of the two families move out of the duplex, new tenants can move in.  The duplex expands into a total of six units with a shared kitchen.  The new tenants live in units that are located toward the back of the home and can be easily blocked off from the family already inhabiting the other parts of the ‘duplex’.  The home features a varying roof line that allows for as much winter sunlight penetration as possible while naturally lighting the northern half of the home as well.  The northern facade has much larger openings to capture indirect light and the southern facade features smaller apertures to ward off the hot summer sun.

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Status: School Project
Location: Venice, CA, US