Jeffrey Sargis

Jeffrey Sargis

Boston, MA, US


Fanny Hensel Music School Addition

The surrounding areas of the site were mostly comprised of completed blocks with every section of buildings completely enclosing the space in between the streets. The site was one of the few remaining open spaces due to the destruction of a portion of the original building. The block was completed by making the addition an extension of the existing building’s deteriorating exterior walls. Once the main block was created portions of the mass were cut out to create open spaces for stairs, light shafts, and a large open-air atrium. The large atrium was created to allow natural light into the classrooms and seminar rooms making the spaces within the remaining mass comfortable to inhabit. The strong connection to the outside creates the ability to open the spaces and allow for natural ventilation. The opening of the two spaces, exterior and interior, blurs the boundary between the two and the green roof becomes the buildings own private park, elevated off the ground for privacy of the students and instructors.

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Status: School Project
Location: Berlin, Germany