Ibraheem Ammash

Ibraheem Ammash

Damascus, SY


DRL pavilion

DRL 10 Pavilion competition / London. UK / 2007
The main design tool used to create this spatial formation is 3d Voronoi, a 3-dimensional cellular pattern that fulfill the design brief of creating a “spatial experience to the DRL TEN visitors and the passers-by on Bedford square”.
TEN points dropped in a 10mx10mx5m container to generate the initial cells, the points locations were optimized so the pattern is feasible and usable. The surfaces that construct each cell had to go under another operation that reads each vertex of each surface and draw a Spline that defines the cutting through it.
The pavilion is a free standing building; once all the surfaces are assembled it will create a coherent structural system.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: London, GB