Hee Jung Kim

Hee Jung Kim

Woodside, NY, US


Artists Studio and Artists-run Gallery : : Public vs. Private Space

Beginning of my thesis program is the question
of division between where art is made and where
art is displayed. These two spaces are dimetrically
opposed in function; One is private and the other
is a public space.
Live, work, and exhibit spaces for an artist in the
same place demands boundaries between private
and public spaces, and should be controlled
by artist.
I investigated the threshold condition between
programmatic shift and infrastructure for users
based on exploring door mechanical system.
While focusing on preserving an existing constructions

in Red Hook, Brooklyn, will be the place for
selected artists to have creative working studios,
living residences and exhibition spaces. Artists
have their own adaptable working space and
the public can share the energy and process of
the artists by participating in the artists’ spaces.
Art represents a concept; not only artists work
but also their spaces. People want to know how
the art is made, and understand the artists’ creative
way of seeing and thinking, the approach
toward the work, the use of medium, rough
pre-sketches, conceptual modeling, etc. This
is not only an “open studio” but also an “artist
This is different from an “open studio”, in which
artists want to show the final completed result
or just one scene of their process. This project
can display the real-time of the art. This is truest
meaning of artist studio and gallery in the

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Status: School Project
Location: Warehouse, Red Hook, New York