Miquel Salvà

Miquel Salvà

Barcelona, ES



This project was christened SCARPRA and is a recognition to the world of stone and Majorcan traditions, due to the fact that phonetically the word“scarpra” is the word for “chisel” in Majorcan.
The first collection of pieces, titled TRAUS, has based its inspiration on the observation ofthe initial and primary phases of work in a stone production factory.The main tool used in the TRAUS series is the diamond saw. The rectilinear cut produced by the saw is a basic element in thecomposition of the pieces. By means of exploring the possibilities ofthis tool in the manipulation of the stone and by finding its limits.
To finish the piece offand give it light, a Mediterranean olive wood base is created to givethe piece even more personality.
Even though each piece is different due to the characteristic ripples of the Binissalem stoneand the olive wood, each creation is unique and unrepeatable.

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Status: Built
Location: Palma de Mallorca, ES