Erika Duran

Erika Duran

New York, NY, US


The BUS Stop

The Vicenza mass transit station becomes a vessel for the traveller. Upon arrival, the tower serves as a landmark that can be seen by observers from far away. This serves the purpose of orienting the
traveller, who is not familiar with his or her

At the station, the traveller can ascend the tower to get a better perspective of the city so that they may engage the urban form more efficiently.  From a higher vantage point the inhabitant can see the points of interest in the city - the piazzas, churches, and the historic architecture of the city center.

Just like travelers that come and go, the tower is also ever-changing. Transparent glass lockers line the walls that face out of the tower. The lockers enclose  the belongings of the users. Suitcases, souvenirs,  snacks, and backpacks  are exposed in their truest form.  They become an exhibit for
others to see objects from far way lands.


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Status: School Project
Location: Vicenza, IT