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Cricket World Cup Tower

ICCT 2023


As India approaches its 63rd anniversary of its independence, it is emerging as a cricket powerhouse. The sport that was left behind by the British, over a hundred years ago, has ultimately been adopted, creating a recreational gift to the nation. It has became so pervasive in the lives of the people that it is even able to influence their political sphere. Politics aside, this project will enable the people the opportunity of recreational space in Bandra, Mumbai, India.


The Cricket World Cup is the highest level of competition for cricket and is held every four years. It is the third largest sporting event in the world (just below the Olympics and the
Fifa World Cup). Due to the rising popularity of the sport and the success of the national team the city of Mumbai will inevitably host the ICC World Cup in 2023.


The traditional setting for a stadium exists on the ground plane. Elevating it from the ground plane to 300 meters in the sky echoes across the urban fabric the importance and
necessity of recreation. The contextual relationship with its surroundings, stresses the need of the sport and the necessity for recreational/leisure time.


By creating a gondola hub we can quickly move the people to and from the stadium in
an efficient way. Gondolas have a carrying capacity of up to 5000 people per hour, can span up to 2.4 km before needing another support, and can be set at extreme angles of 60 degrees. The hub also has the added benefit of dispersing the crowd throughout the city effectively lowering the impact of the event on the area directly around the stadium. The gondola hub can also be used as a means of public transportation similar to that of a park-and-ride to relieving the stressed infrastructure.


The Form of the building is derived from the sport of cricket itself. The sport of cricket necessitates a large oval playing surface with large ceiling heights. The oval floor plates are designed to accommodate an open playing field within the inner diagrid and be partnered with support programs which are nestled between the inner diagrid and the outer one. A central elevator core enables the ability of the oval plates to pivot, maximizing daylight within the super story.


The Exterior of the building is wrapped with large capacity ramps. These ramps vary in size providing pedestrian circulation from the top of the tower to the ground level. Ramps allow for additional structural support along with the ability to move vehicular circulation to the second levels where parking is located. Ramps strategically unwrap from the building to create connection to local contextual nodes: Bandra Train Hub, Freeway on ramp/ off ramps, business district, and the surrounding sky walk.


Mumbai is one of the worlds most densely populated cities. It provides only .0005 sq meters
of recreational space per person. Thus, an average Mumbai citizen has NO option of recreational activity due to the lack of resources in the city.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mumbai, India

Render of Tower
Render of Tower