Hai Chi

Hai Chi

Saint Louis, MO, US


Kinetic Awareness

Professor: Sung Ho Kim

As my graduate degree project, the title of Kinetic Awareness suggests an attitude of structure to sense activities happening inside. 

The project begins with an issue of Energy Insurficiency in the world nowadays. Studies about the history of Energy Consumption and the methods of Energy Saving provides a large background for the goal of design and also inspires me to define the program as a sports center with huge amount of human activities inside. 

Programmatically, the project is mainly composed by three parts: the running track, gym studios, and exhibition pavillions, with other administrative functions and services. The building is right sitting inside of a power plant, which was built a hundred years ago and respected as a historical site in the city, to perform as an addition structure for the power company to show and teach the public about energy usage.  

Technically, the project is borrowing either the concept or the technology of Piezzo Floor to sense, deliver, transfer and re-use kinetic energy from people to the other parts of the building. However, this is absolutely not a powerplant, since the total amount of energy that  the building absorbs and reuses is too little to operate a building so that it would only support some of the exhibition units.

Structurally, the whole part inside of the original powerplan is hanged by the girders on the roof suported by vertical structures hiding inside of the original wall. The running track is supported by legs and structurally irrelevent to the main part. 


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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US