Elena Kapompasopoulou

Elena Kapompasopoulou

Brooklyn, NY, US


M.O.D [Market Oriented Development]

[M.O.D] Market Oriented Development is a community revitalization strategy which utilizes a network of existing food markets to regenerate the local socio-economic landscape. The design intervention utilizes three marketplace of Gamashies’ neighborhood as a focal point of commercial and social mecca, underutilized open spaces between the neighborhood and street network currently lacking hierarchical applications of landscape. The process is divided in three steps. First by modernization of the existing structures and insertion of specialized food processing areas, the market triggers more active commercial and local interaction. Second, the creation of pedestrian oriented street network for the hybrid commercial activities, stemming from the marketplace and residential around. Finally, the insertion of community capacity building programs supported both by corporation firms and government will leverage individuals’ economical ability and sustainable living condition.

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Status: School Project
Location: Accra, GH