Liya Zhu

Liya Zhu

Saint Louis, MO, US



The new art museum is sited in downtown near  the Mississippi River and the Eads bridge - the oldest bridge at St. Louis.

The block surrounded by two bridges and two roads is constantly flowed with cars, metrobuses, trains, as well as visitors from downtown and the other side of the river. Buildings here are all as old as St. Louis, but perform new functions instead of industrial use as hotels, bars, shops, casino, and offices. However, There is nothing except one vacant three- rise parking biulding. People come and stop before they arrive at the riverfront to admire the bridges over the river and the old freight train rail above ground. Waterfront is wasted.

In this project we want to bring people further to the beautiful riverfront. The empty place would be for art exhibition combined with big public space. The site already has some public art installed and a too small art gallery.

One flow of art exhibition is along the bridge to bring people to the river. One flow of  public space is in the direction of river flowing.



It starts with trying to show “flow” phisically with rubberbands, screws and bolts.
Then after inserting wood pieces of different shapes, “flow” begins to change.

Looking through the side of the model, in- between screws. Those beautiful shifting lines would be the language of the new project. Exhibition, stairs and places for rest intervene flow of people. 



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Status: School Project
Location: St. Louis