Dace Russell

Dace Russell

Milwaukee, WI, US



galVANize rethinks the process of using recycled materials to achieve sustainable design.  The most sustainable material is the one that has already been created.  What if designers, instead of calling on new materials for their designs, scoured their milieu for already existing materials that fit their needs?  Traditionally, recycled building materials must be located, moved, melted down and finally fabricated into useable components.  galVANize uses salvaged steel in its existing form and normally unusable short stock lumber in its current state, and introduces a system of reversible connections to create a versatile double-sided system with disparate experiential qualities. 

Salvaged, reclaimed, and worn materials are everywhere.  Reclaimed materials hide in the decaying and abandoned buildings of our urban centers, rest in the junkyards of suburban cities, and having lived out their usefullness to society, lay forgotten.  These materials in their current state remain an overlooked source of inspiration and opportunity to galVANize design.

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Status: School Project