Jenya Andreev

Jenya Andreev

Portland, OR, US


Hybrid Racetrack Arena Network

The project is a racetrack arena network, conceptualized as a dynamic field condition that responds to the activities of specific subcultures: people that pocket bike, unicycle and bmx stunt ride. These subcultures intermix and coexist with secondary subcultures: circus activity, films, fortune telling, martial arts, acupuncture and chiropractics. The arena is a flexible terrain that inverts itself from inside to outside to inside according to program distribution and spatial interactions.

The site is a peninsula in the San Francisco Bay, originally formed as a landfill of construction waste from 1939 to 1987. In 2002, the Bulb became part of the Eastshore State Park. Over the years, the landscape has become heavily vegetated and a series of trails formed through this wildly popular nature area. In addition to hikers and dogwalkers, the Bulb hosts a rotating group of homeless people in tents and makeshift shelters, as well as an everchanging array of graffiti and sculpture made from garbage and driftwood.

For this project, the site is perceived as a structured landscape and urban environment that allows for planned and spontaneous events.

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Status: School Project