Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin

Los Angeles, CA, US



The word Hub evokes images of paths converging and can be seen as an intersection for a larger community. The adage “All roads lead to Rome” enhances the idea of a hub as an intersection. What is the architectural equivalence of the intersection? An answer to this question is explored in this project. First, is the understanding that this building serves as the Intersection of Los Angeles’ Artistic community and the greater downtown community. The objective is to give these two communities a cultural intersection where each can share and absorb ideas from the other. The armature for this extends the idea of intersection further. This building is an intersection of mass and surface as well as primitive and organic form. These two forms correlate to each community. All the fabrication, artist facilities, and arts education can be found in the primitive solid mass where all of the mercantile exchange takes place under the organic skin. These two separate activities are joined through an articulated floor plate that runs through both volumes. In the end A + B = C where C is the Intersection of Culture.

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Status: School Project
Location: Main Street, Los Angeles CA