Heather Davis

Heather Davis

Chicago, IL, US


Arlecchino | 2011

DESIGNERS:  Elena Manferdini, Eugene Kosgoron

SUPERVISORS:  Gabriel Esquivel, Carol Lafayette

SOFTWARE UTILIZED:  Rhinocerous 4.0, Autodesk Maya, Mastercam

Heather Davis
Matthew Miller
Chris Gassway
Karine Bashoyan

Student leaders assisted in writing the initial project proposal and budget, and presented these items to the college for approval. Upon approval, student leaders worked to produce a series of prototypes, communicating directly with Elena Manferdini’s team to solve design and construction issues encountered. The finalized design was then fabricated with the help of several students participating in the Artist in Residence program. The student leaders were responsible for organizing work schedules, material transport, setting up files for CNC routing, quality control and overall fabrication management.

VIDEO [fabrication and installation process]

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Status: Built
Location: College Station, TX, US