Micah McKelvey

Micah McKelvey

Brooklyn, NY, US


Navy Yards

Part of a senior-level comprehensive design studio, the 250,000 ft2 Navy Yards mixed-use development is one component of a large master plan to redevelop the area South-east of the Capitol Building and to utilize and reconnect Washington D.C.’s urban life with the Anacostia waterfront.

The final design takes the embedded systems of the site to create an adjustable and reactive response: a building that first passively navigates its context and then gently adjusts its active systems to synchronize its functions with the city and the waterfront. Combining 100,000ft2 of prime office space, 40,000ft2 of speculative office space, and 40,000ft2 of retail the new building is located at the intersection of Water and 3rd Streets SE.

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Status: School Project
Location: Washington, DC, US