Alexandra Meyn

Alexandra Meyn

Brooklyn, NY/Kilauea, HI


The Underground

The Underground expands the covert, the special, and the rare---and their illicit  exchange--into a culinary experience premised on mystery and tactile delight.  The floor plan is calibrated to disclose a unique series of vantages, each more coveted and discreet than the last (indicated in plan by “zones”).  Antique subway cars strategically divide the space while providing seating.  1930’s and 40’s pulchritude informs the culinary encounter by contextualizing the client in a time during United States history when even day-to-day items were in scarce supply.  The fantasy and intrigue correlated with covert industry animate the space through finishes, material selection and lighting.

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Status: School Project
Location: W 26th Street & Broadway, New York City