Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith

Queens, NY


"Membrane" [currently redesigning]

This project was based in Vienna, Austria and was to serve the purpose of being a physics center for a collection of scientists.

The program would consist of over 50 offices spread various departments that needed to accommodate the residents.  A grand auditorium, gymnasium, and two cafe locations were to be included in the final design.

I approached my design with the intention of disturbing the urban fabric found locally in Vienna.  The form, eventually dubbed “Membrane”, would extend from a previously built structure found on the site of the construction.  The goal was to introduce a new form but also ground it within the rich history of the surrounding square, which included the Karl Platz.

The end result is a design that stands out from its surrounding but simultaneously refuses to obstruct those surroundings by lifting itself from ground level, and being highly porous.  This allows steady flow of foot traffic and visual penetration through the building.

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Status: School Project
Location: Vienna, AT
My Role: Creator and developer.