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MacKenzie King

Los Angeles, CA, US

Limited Access - Sample
Limited Access - Sample

Limited Access

Just as brackets within language provide barriers
and limits within a sentence structure, corners
limit and frame space to control one’s experiences
and emotions. As seen in both historic and
primitive design strategies as well as maintaining
a prominent presence within current architectural
design, corners carry the essence of the space
and allow for a location to form new experiences
physically and emotionally. Corners inevitably
create a moment where behavior, material, and
emotion stop while housing a location for new
experiences to begin. If it were not for these special
elements, basic elements of construction
such as windows, doors, volumes, or boundaries
essentially would not exist.

Focusing on corners and the variety of conditions
or feelings they can impose on an individual, Access
Limited is a police station including both
public spaces and areas of high restriction and
master control. By using this program, moments
are easily found to both control and engage
visitors and criminals as they maneuver through
space. Individuals are encouraged to progress
through the design into public areas indicated
by overhead planes and the folding of overhead
surfaces. At the same time, the path of travel
tends to shift to add a level of restriction and discourage
the average person to wander through
semi-restricted spaces. Moments of overhang
can direct individuals to locations of greater program,
while creating implied spaces of discomfort
before entering restricted areas. The corner,
in this case, acts as a means of regulating the
user’s access and restrictions.

South Pasadena is a great site for this program
for the reasons of accessibility and similar program.
Located nearby is a civic center, including
a courthouse and small police office, so the
need for expansion may prove necessary in the
future. Based on accessibility and the need for
restriction, the most public areas are located in
the front for main entrance off Fremont Ave. Also
in the back of the main floor are the highest restriction
spaces. This placement allows for short
travel distance with criminals to booking, cells,
evidence, etc. The high restriction spaces hold
very rigid structures, while public areas are locations
to dissolve corner conditions. The second
and third levels have a minor decrease in restriction
from the criminal unit, however, the length/
path of travel and regular key locks in addition
to office administration placed throughout, adds
a sense of restriction. These “medium” restriction
spaces house records, report writing, dispatch,
and patrol areas.

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Status: School Project
Location: Burbank, CA, US