Ariel Vazquez

Ariel Vazquez

Philadelphia, PA, US


Public Patio - Medina of Fez, Morocco

Place lalla Yeddouna, the center of city Fez with all its history and who would play an important role in the future as a starting point to explain its historical, cultural and economical value of the city. Therefore, the preservation and development plan, two ideas that seem contradicting can come to compromising ground, with the idea of creating space “void”.
The void, if well defined space, can place values of community in our daily life and shows the direction to a prosper future. The river Fez, Bin lamdoun Bridge and the historical buildings in the center of square are symbols which represents traditions. Thus, we can’t only preserve is not only the physical condition, but also the memory of this historical city. In that sense, the proposed buildings need considered the role that these values, in a way by framing these interactions and relationships not only for the habitants but also its visitors.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Medina of Fez, Morocco