Gianni Giuffrida

Gianni Giuffrida

London, GB


Light Pavillion

The project is composed of three
elements: a congress room, an
entrance porch and a pool.
The Pavillion has clear lines which
are related to the irregular body
that is caged by them. The clearness
of the line is reminiscent of
different figural images such as
eyes, mouth, fingers, and lines of
a sculpture.
In some cultures the line represents
the art of sacred ornaments
such as facial scarification. Historians
describe the line as a mark
of civilization.
Como is a city many coexisting
lines. Even on the mountains that
surround the lake, there is an irregular
line system which has
formed the landscape’s shape
during millennia, crystalline Alps
where the valleys are profoundly carved.

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Status: Built
Location: Como, Italy