Anna Serio

Anna Serio

Brussel, BE


Protect me from what I love

Protect me from what I love is a landmark for Buenos Aires and the contemporary city in general.

The topic of food is crucial and has as much to do with economics and ecology as it does with urban planning. We believe there is the need to start conceiving certain realities such as food production, waste recycling, and other kinds of urban factories as some of the infrastructures that sustain our cities. 

The ruin of the abandoned silos in Puerto Madero serves as a triggering element: the idea is to re-activate the silos and their memory with food production, a modern, entirely automatic production that is then stored and partly processed in the existing basement. The whole project comes alive around this rediscovered life. A platform that serves as a covered plaza on the ground floor and a park on the roof ties together a cube, bar-shaped building and the renewed tower. 

The platform offers a different and active public space. The existing silo tower is completely renovated and used as apartments to accommodate research, scientists and students working in the urban factory. The food palace completes the public space by providing restaurants, cooking schools and culinary workshops. The airtight cube contrasts with the porosity of the food palace; it serves as a control centre with offices and headquarters. Finally, a platform lends on top of the silos, with a public swimming pool and an event hall. The project constantly communicates with the city through screens and street art. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Buenos Aires, AR
My Role: Project Leader, winner
Additional Credits: Lorenzo Maritan