Manying Wang

Manying Wang

Los Angeles, CA, US


The Ornament is not crime

“What is I really desire”

How long has it been since you ask this question? Every day we do the tedious and repetitious work according to the fixed habit and lifestyle. The increasingly delicate social labor division makes us forget the current meaning of life and lost in the so-called social value to abandon ourselves. All is for high efficiency, including the high efficiency of management, division, and space. To pursue the maximum benefit, construction gradually becomes the machine managed by the economy; humans become the small tools of this big machine. Abandoning the seek to the inner spiritual world is to leave becoming humans.

Therefore, construction should embody attitude rather than the physical products from the industrial society. As the closest material existence to humans, it can directly infect human emotions and behaviors. Construction should be subjective that contains emotion and faith.  This faith and desire can pass to everyone through construction, getting rid of the muddle-headed life and try to find their inner passion and desire.

This project is a vertical amusement park in the Wall Street of Manhattan, which tries making people to take a break from the busy lifestyle, to rethink, abreact and search through the different spatial experience, and stimulating their inner desire.

“Ornament is not only the crime but also the essence of space.”

The Greece pillars imply the human's initial and original understanding of beauty, order, and strength.  I take classic columns as a point of departure, hope to find the most direct relationships between form and human's experience.

Therefore, I started from the profile, deconstructed different forms of ornament, then rescaled and reorganized to the new construction space. In this space, ratio, geometrical relations, rhythm, and order are more important than anything. The heterogeneous assemblies of new spaces formed a new set of constructional language to create an unprecedented liberal and passion space. 

Humans are free, and nothing prevents them from exploring the space (the effect of in the amusement park). The process of investigating the space is also the process of exploring their inner heart. This is a passionate and energetic amusement park, also the shelter and Eden for people in the city.          

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Status: Unbuilt