Eduardo Godoy

Eduardo Godoy

New York, NY, US


New company office and showroom in Hatfield

In 2018, while working as Architect and Project manager for Ecodomus LTD, I had the opportunity of working on a proposal for the business new offices in Hatfield. just outside London. As the only qualified Architect working on this project, my involvement was integral, from inception and initial design to completion. The new premises are located on a  pre-existent warehouse, therefore a full plans application was required, which I drafted and was responsible for submitting, ensuring that the proposed works and use change were approved. Due to budget limitations, the project focused on the internal refurbishment with  the creation on a floor to ceiling space at the front showroom, and the re-roofing of the rear space and addition of skylights. Particular attention was paid to internal finishes, flooring and furniture layout. The project also aimed to provide an outstanding energy efficient envelope: two layers of woodfiber insulation boards wrapping the walls, floor and internal side of the roof were added. High Quality triple glazed composite windows and doors where designed and ordered bespoke, and fitted by Ecodomus installation team. 

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Status: Built
Location: London, GB
My Role: Architect / Project Manager