Jun Jeon

Jun Jeon

Brooklyn, NY, US


Cermak Plaza - Commercial/Public Realm

Chicago’s legacy as the birthplace of skyscrapers has defined the city with iconic structures like the once the world’s tallest, Sears Tower. High-rises assist to identify the downtown neighborhoods through its strong visible presence and support the dense population. The Cermak Plaza is the monumental structure that celebrates the global connection and diversity of the different neighborhoods. The tower’s strong visual connection to the loop will ignite the expansion of the Chicago skyline to the south.

With city’s demand of increasing traffic on Cermak and the influx of new residence and visitors to McCormick Convention Center, the Cermak Plaza serves as a landmark of Cermak road. The height of the tower plays an important role in creating identity for the neighborhood that is under a high pressure of development by providing a visual existence from the Loop and the footprint of tower will not only create density that the city desires, but also provide various programs for both residents and visitors.

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Status: School Project