Rupali Khanna

Rupali Khanna

Chicago, IL, US


Preserving Crafts through Architecture - a case of Sujani Quilt

Thesis project proposal for 'Cultural walk" in the town old town of Bharuch, India. Merging with the current and ongoing project by “Bharuch Heritage Walk Initiative”, launched by “Bharuch heritage forum” and “Bharuch Tourism Development Society”, the proposal envisions a future for the city of Bharuch that would employ crafts as a way to connect with the city’s historic landscape in a unique way. By combining the heritage structures with the experience of the indigenous quilt, it suggests awareness for the craft opening the city to the lens of sentimentality as a form of nostalgia and also as means of production to preserve the craft. With the strong belief that Sujani can live in the memory of people as a part of collective consciousness through vision, touch and knowledge, while keeping the scale of the existing walk in mind, the project takes into consideration 5-historically significant sites of the 16-existing ones along the heritage walk to make meaningful interventions for each of the five. The selection of these sites is a careful consideration based on the historical as well as cultural significance and their location along the trail. 

Exploring with building materials such as poured concrete and ceramics with slip-cast + 3D-printed technologies, the study further enhances the inter-disciplinary role of architecture highlighting the role of crafts in the landscaping of the city’s fabric.  Use of Sujani quilt is either integrated/ translated / or supplemented in ways to re-think five scenarios building interactions, connections, and dialogue for the craft while securing a socially strong and culturally rich communities

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Status: School Project
Location: Bharuch, IN