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Ninad Garware

New York, NY, US


Salt Loop City

Acconci called it his water studio - a hypothetical scenario to test possibilities of livable environments being built around water, inside water or underwater. The studio re-visited architectural interaction with water, but at a much more intimate level and scale than earlier imagined to be. The individual was to be not the centre of the system that develops because of water, but a smaller part of it.

The site for this experiment developed out of the idea of constructing a working system of human networks and connections, in the conventional definition of a city, but building it in an environment that inverts relationship of the outside and the inside. The Dead Sea, with its high concentration of salt, proved to be a potent laboratory for such an experiment. Given that a third of the Sea is just salt, this project explores the use of the natural material as a basis to create livable environments.
The Salt Loop City consists of self sustaining islands that are powered by the sun and salt. Solar towers melt salt from the Sea and send it through underwater loops. Processes dependant on the sun are located on the top of these islands - food is primarily harvested here and then passed down, along the loops, with molten salt. Within these loops, or tentacles, are nodes of creation - creation of power, food and electricity, all using the heat within the salt as a source of energy. These nodes, thus become points of interest within the system - public zones - mostly temporary in nature - allowing users to connect and disconnect based upon their needs. Individuals are free to move around in their own private underwater units, breaking away from the solid tentacles of the islands at will and thus are allowed to explore the underwater habitat.

The project attempts to develop a short understanding of how an underwater human collective would work - it attempts to redefine ways in which a system and its users create, deliver and use resources compared to an on-land scenario.

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Status: School Project
Location: The Dead Sea