Ahmed Ouf

Ahmed Ouf

Rahway, NJ, US


Arabian Nights, mixed tourism development on the Indian Ocean

An 8.5 kilometer sea shore development on the Indian Ocean of Sultanate Oman south of the city of Oman for a major Omani investor through Khatieb and Alami (cec) consultants. the development had different levels of hotels ranging from 5 stars to three stars in addition to a heritage walk where different cultural scenes of the Omani communities might be displayed to the project visitors. water sport activities were also accommodated in addition to some mythical Omani characters such as the sea darers who were key to the Magellan expedition. it was a project to resemble Omani sea culture and myth that was the reason for the name "Arabian Nights" which was later changed by the owner to "alKhayal" which means "dreams"  in Arabic

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Status: Built
Location: Oman, sultanate of Oman
My Role: Head of the plannig team, urban designer, architect
Additional Credits: Khatieb abd Alami ; consolidated engineering consultants in Sharjah , UAE