Benjamin Norouzi

Benjamin Norouzi

Irvine, CA, US


Shipping container Workshop


The idea of the project is to set up this contemporary container workshop for inviting the creative people and provide a space with an open atmosphere for sharing ideas and skills. the important advantage of such a workshop is its mobility, as it can be placed into any part of the city. Temporarily, it can even squat in locations where its long-term erection could not prove economically viable. Given the limited budget and temporary nature of the project, shipping containers present themselves as the only logical solution for a short-term workspace. 


Despite the fact that these elementary container units are of identical composition, artists can still give them unique character and make their temporary rooms truly their own. The site has 36 units, 18 workshops and an office. They will function as long or short-term residences and mostly be inhabited by artists and peo- ple of other creative occupations.All units will be covered in spray insulation over membrane waterproofing to stop condensation, and all the containers together with main a steel structure will be covered with extra insulation inside exterior cladding.

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Status: Built
Location: Oslo, NO
My Role: Project Architect