harry edmund peters-bolick

harry edmund peters-bolick

Brooklyn, NY, USA

AIA Gold Medal 2016
AIA Gold Medal 2016
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Venturi Scott Brown Associates Inc. Philadelphia PA, and ReThink Studio, New York NY, 2011-Present,

• Denise Scott Brown FAIA and Robert Venturi FAIA, AIA Gold Medal winner 2016, Philadelphia PA;

strategic development of nomination materials, design, presentations, and coordination with Denise

Scott Brown, James Venturi, Katie Herzog and Jeremy Tenenbaum for TWBT Architects I Partners

and presenter Bille Tsien, AIA; 2014-16, Project Manager.

• VSBA Office Renovations, Philadelphia PA and New York NY, 15,000sf/14sm, $60K, interior

renovations, office fit-out, overall design lead, client coordination, program development,

documentation, contract bid, budget and awards; coordinated mechanical and structural;

occupancy 11/2014, 8/2016, Project Manager, Owner Representative, CA.

• Venturi Scott Brown, Collections, Exhibits Design/Coordination, Awards Development; Manager.


Rafael Viñoly Architects, PC, New York NY, 2000-2009, Project Manager/ Senior Architect.

• Pennsylvania State University, Millennium Science Complex, State College PA, 315,000sf/

29,250sm, $137M, materials and life science research; led overall design team, lab program,

development, documentation, contract bid, budget and awards, coordinated site, mechanical and

structural; occupancy 9/2011, LEED Gold, 2007-2009, Project Manager.

• The Corcoran Group, Mixed-Use Residential Tower, W77th & Broadway, New York NY, 280,000sf/

26,000sm, TBD, Pre-Design and Schematic Design; 2007, Project Manager.

• Bard College, Gabrielle H. Reem and Hurbert J. Kayden Center for Science and Computation,

Annandale-on-Hudson NY, 50,000sf/4,650sm, $22M, academic research; led design team, lab

program, development, documentation, fitout, contract bid and awards, coordinated mechanical

and structural, geothermal, NYSERDA credit; site team 2005-2007, Project Manager, CA.

• Penn School of Medicine, Translational Research Center, Philadelphia PA, 500,000sf/46,450sm,

$260M, bio-medical research; led design of lab, vivarium, core and budget; 2008, Project Manager.

• USCF, Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Building, San Francisco CA, 161,200sf/14,975,

$120M, medical research; led design of lab, plan, support, vivarium, coordinated mechanical and

structural; 2005, Senior Architect.

• Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farms Research Campus, Conference Center, Ashburn

VA, 50,000sf/4,645sm, $15M, hotel, conference; led designed of public spaces, coordinated

mechanical and core; 2004-2005, Senior Architect.

• National Institutes of Health, Porter Neuroscience Research Center, Bethesda MD, 530,875sf/

49,320sm, $225M, Ph1, Bldg. 35, neuroscience research; led design of science institutes, PI labs,

lab program, plan, fitout, coordinated mechanical, site team; 2002-2005, Senior Architect, CA.

• Princeton University, Carl Icahn Laboratory, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics,

Princeton NJ, 95,000sf/8,825sm $52M, genomic research; design of lab; 2004, Project Architect.

• Kimmel Center for Performing Arts, Philadelphia PA, 456,000sf/42,360sm, $265M, civic space,

orchestra halls; design detail of exterior envelope, roofing, interior finishes, site team; 2000-2002,

Senior Architect, CA.

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Status: Built
Location: Varies
My Role: Project Manager / Senior Architect

Bard College
Bard College
Penn State
Penn State