James Myers

James Myers

Boston, MA, US


TD Bank

Helped establish and expand on key customer relationships in a large size design firm specializing in retail, banking, retail prototyping, and food service design. Emphasis on prototype creation, graphic generation, problem solving and concept design.

• Established various design approaches, conceptual technologies and customer                               experiences for new bank locations in Manhattan, New York City

•  Managed staff to produce design proposals and CD’s as well as QA/ QC

• Created and provided staff training (both in house and externally) on how to compose                       banks using prototype methodologies

• Customized Revit templates specifically for bank concept and documentation

•  Extensive use of Adobe Creative Suite to generate graphics for client and city presentations

•  In depth code research in NYC with regards to zoning, signage, and historical precedents

•  Able to meet tight, shifting, deadlines and client directives with quality and efficiency

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Senior Job Captain