Esther Sperber

Esther Sperber

New York, NY, US


Rosenberg & Co. Art Gallery

Rosenberg & Co. Opens with an Inaugural Exhibition INSPIRED BY HISTORY on March 7th, 2015. Established on the upper east side of Manhattan by Marianne Rosenberg, the space, located on the ground floor of a townhouse, was designed by Studio ST Architects. The gallery continues the Rosenberg family’s distinguished tradition of exhibiting an international roster of works by prominent Impressionist, Modern, and contemporary artists.

The gallery transformed a neglected ground floor of an Upper East Side townhouse into a welcoming, warm and human scale art gallery. A series of rooms invite the visitor from the entry foyer, accommodate the larger pieces of art, to the main gallery. Translucent pocket doors, almost always left open, attract the viewer to continue into the work area in which the gallery owner, Marianne Rosenberg, will inevitably greet them and discuss the exhibition, sharing her vast art knowledge and wonderful stories. The library lies last in this series of rooms located in what was a storage room, it has been transformed into a small library and sitting room in which the love of art can be shared and appreciated.

Marianne Rosenberg’s great-grandfather Alexandre Rosenberg (d. 1913), grandfather Paul Rosenberg (d. 1959), great-uncle Léonce Rosenberg
(d. 1947), and father Alexandre P. Rosenberg (d. 1987) forged exclusive relationships with the artists they represented and were champions of Impressionist and Modern art in Paris in the early 20th century, moving the business to New York in 1940.

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Status: Built
Location: 19 East 66th Street, New York
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: design: Esther Sperber, Richard Rosenbloom