Andrew Becker

Andrew Becker

Chicago, IL, US


401 N. Wabash Typology Study

Investigate the building typology of skyscrapers with intent to formally analyze the interjection of an iconic building into an urban context.

Design a mixed-use tower that focuses on how the building connects with the people and urban fabric of Chicago. By meshing these social elements together in a manner that coincides with the buildings structure and public spaces, one  can increase the engagement of the inhabitant through the entirety of the building. Stretching the tower to visually and physically connect with the lower layers of the city creates a honest engagement between the building and its inhabitants. Creating this relationship, users interact with building in a less intimidating manner and are drawn up through the building’s vertical axis to take advantage of the height and beautiful views that skyscrapers inherently possess.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US