James Shannon

James Shannon

Brooklyn, NY, US


One Step UP

A homeless rehabilitation center and urban agricultural complex for Raleigh NC.

  The project was to serve as a catalyst for homeless rehabilitation.  The design is made u of a set of buildings that will host a hospital, housing and educational center for the homeless population of the south east.  The complex of building also serves as vertical farming space.  Once the homeless are rehabilitated they are trained in vertical farming and work and live on the farms in the building complex.  The structures also strive to urbanize the city of Raleigh NC to the east.  To emphasize this concept an elevated path was constructed to promote walking and urban ways of life to the east of the city.  The path goes right through the developed building complex where a fresh produce market will be held everyday from food produced by the new buildings.

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Status: School Project
Location: Raleigh, NC, US