IAI Design Award Asia Pacific Designers Federation

IAI Design Award Asia Pacific Designers Federation

Shanghai, CN


D1 Kindergarten and Nursery

Education program that can be obtained in recent infant facilities are also diversified, flexibility is sought in the facility. For Joint classes and English classes, etc., in accordance with the curriculum of the day, rooms can be changed to the shape and scale optimal form. We planned that is not provided as much as possible fixing things in the building. By creating a high degree of freedom space with variability, we wanted to provide an environment that can adapt to a variety of educational curriculum.
In particular, it is not provided a partition in a classroom, and it has been planned to carry out the furniture which become instead of partition, and is freely as able to change the shape and area of the class. Children buy this furniture at the time of admission to the kindergarten and bring back their home at the time of graduation. This system makes furniture in the kindergarten be updated annually, and also keeps the interior clean. Because it is also possible to change the shape every time to update, furniture itself has variability. Also, in order to be able to open all the joinery, they can use the entire interior of the building as semi-outdoor space.
In addition, because it is provided with external screen on the outer periphery, it blocks a strong sunlight and rain. And it is possible to open the roof of atrium, to create a paddles with the rain that falls in the atrium. It has become a great playground for children. In winter, this basin will be frozen and can be used as a skating rink.
Because it is possible to open and close the roof, they can play badminton and soft volleyball, etc. to fit the weather at the piloti. Furthermore, it also becomes like dining rooms in conjunction with adjacent kitchen, and can also be used as an external space to the internal space by opening and closing the roofs and joinery. The spaces with high degree of freedom, which do not limit the use, have created a variety of playground to stimulate children's creativity.

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Status: Built