li-wei hsu

li-wei hsu

New York, NY, US


California Institution for Women

The following physical and psychological elements support these objectives:
• Village environment
• Smaller population
• Reunite mother and child
• Farming for cash crops and sustenance
• Education and vocational training
• Green roofs+ cistern for irrigation
• Earthberms and solar screens
• Evaporative cooling and cross ventilation
• Skylights for natural interior lighting
Prison is a system of punishment. However, does punishment of socially
oppressed people constitute justice that is sustainable? Or to refine prison
as a place to reform and rebuild lives, families and self-esteem a stronger
model for sustainability. This way will really help inmates survive in the
future in the society never go back to the prison again; therefore, to create a
peaceful, utopian society and world.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chino California